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I received regular emails updating the status of my quilt. Shelly, MI""Thank you so much for all your effort in making the quilt to my specifications!

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I had never done an interview before, and I don't know that I will again. The first of the two sessions for this interview took place in the restaurant of the four seasons hotel in Los Angeles. The last sessions took place in the offices of her manager, Freddy De Mann. I was late for that first meeting because a friend who had AIDS and who was staying with me had suddenly developed a fever. She delights in being challenged, in telling more than she had planned, in going further that she had intended.

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“We’re often authentic around our friends’ boyfriends because we see them as off limits and we’re not trying to impress them.

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The stated aim is nothing less than to destroy those of them who side with the Kremlin; recruit the remainder for US-backed regime change; and pit each against the other, all against the Kremlin.