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Highlights • Despite positive changes to UK law, other Westernized nations have more thorough gender-neutral legislation.• Lack of funding and staff training in UK services means that support for male survivors is lacking.Such limitations are particularly pronounced in regards to children and adolescents.These youth are rarely addressed in the literature, and when they are, scholars tend to focus on adult victimization of children rather than children’s victimization of their peers.We recommend that professionals responding to this problem avoid gender stereotypes that downplay the frequency and impact of female sexual perpetration so as to comprehensively address sexual victimization in all forms.This study explored the relationship between some aspects of sexuality and individuals‘ likelihood to perpetrate sexual aggression in men and women.We found these data to contradict the common belief that female sexual perpetration is rare.

Data reveal that, while boys’ violence towards girls comprises a substantial proportion of sexual violence in this population, same-sex violence and girls’ violence towards boys are also prevalent.

This exploratory study analyzed the prevalence of victimization, help-seeking behaviors, and needs of 89 men who defined themselves as victims of IPV.

Men reported that they had been the victims of at least 1 abusive behavior by their current or former female partner.

We assessed the following sexuality variables: content of positive sexual cognitions (PSCs)/negative sexual cognitions (i.e., intimate, exploratory, dominance/ submission or impersonal), dyadic and solitary sexual desire, propensity for sexual excitation (SE)/sexual inhibition and sexual victimisation during childhood and/or adolescence/adulthood.

We examined a community sample of 228 men and 333 women, of whom 67 men and 43 women had perpetrated sexual aggression.

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