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A year later, he branched off on his own, steadily the length of his motorcycle jumps until, on New Year's Day 1968, he was nearly killed when he jumped 151 feet across the fountains in front of Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

He cleared the fountains, but the crash landing put him in the hospital in a coma for a month.

He or she tries to make you feel that you are wrong for your feelings or your position.

This is another narcissistic trait: the belief that only his or her feelings and opinions are valid, and that differences pose a threat. The person talks on and on about himself or herself and doesn't ask much about you, or is uninterested when you do talk about yourself. This person is not interested in you or your feelings.

Born Robert Craig Knievel in Butte Montana, he was a champion skier and a lifelong golfer.

Less positively, he was also a bank robber and, at one time, an alcoholic.

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Very often, when the person I'm working with has moved ahead with the relationship, one of these issues -- which might not have seemed huge at the beginning -- becomes a major problem leading to the demise of the relationship. As you read this list, don't just focus on the other person.

Knievel decided to retire after a jump in the winter of 1976 in which he was again seriously injured.

He suffered a concussion and broke both arms in an attempt to jump a tank full of live sharks in the Chicago Amphitheatre.

He was raised by his grandparents, and earlier this year admitted that his chief regret in his life was that he didn't spend more time with his grandmother.

He began his daredevil career in 1965, when he formed a troupe called Evel Knievel's Motorcycle Daredevils, a touring show in which he performed stunts such as riding through fire walls, jumping over live rattlesnakes and mountain lions, and being towed at 200 mph behind dragsters.

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