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Next, if the Sync system reports back “No Phone Found” then it cannot recognize your phone and it may need to be “paired” again to the Sync system.If necessary, go to the Sync system settings and check to see which devices are “recognized.” You may need to “connect” a phone back to Sync to establish the Bluetooth connection.

Here are some tips: Before pairing your Android phone with SYNC: Go to your phone Settings and turn Bluetooth On Under Bluetooth settings, choose Discoverable and Scan for Devices Go to your vehicle, go to Add Bluetooth Device, and begin the pairing process. This is the battery pole marked with the “-“ (negative) sign.If things are still not working, then the issue could be the phone, the phone software and or its operating system.This may require a visit to your phone store or service provider.See this short video to be sure you are using the hands-free calling process correctly.Sometimes the issue is how you are speaking to the Sync system, see this video for more info.

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