Naseeb dating com

The lack of membership fees and the options to change your display settings are plus points for Kello

Here you have a list of your contacts, a list of your favorite blogs to keep up to date with other members, a listing of new blogs to offer a little variety, an events calendar, and the ever important list of those who have recently viewed your profile.

Thankfully it looks as though the site has done away with its peculiar “nudge” options, one of which was a “brick to the face”.

Presumably a brick to the face was supposed to be a playful way to tell someone you're not interested but it seems aggressive and unnecessary, particularly as there is an option to Block someone (without any brick-face-interaction! Bit of a shame to lose the more friendly nudge options, though.

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Kello Naseeb is a dating and matchmaking service for single Arabs.

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