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But it does not walk the walk: instead, it blames inequality on the cultural and social pathologies of Blacks and Latinos. The Asian brain drain and its offspring, the model minority, prove it! Islamophobia – Open, sometimes violent, fear and hatred of “Muslims”, particularly Arabs and Sikhs. For Blacks it even comes to them through the White racism that became part of their culture in slave times, leading to ideas like colourism, “good hair” and the N-word.There is no equal and opposite Black racism – just internalized White racism. Institutional racism – racism by the courts, police, schools, universities, banks, the fashion industry, Hollywood, the labour and housing markets, etc.

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The leadership of the ACLU does not always agree on policy decisions; differences of opinion within the ACLU leadership have sometimes grown into major debates.

Those who say that “racism = prejudice power” mean this kind.

That is why they say people of colour cannot be racist – because they lack institutional power. Historical racism – my name for past institutional racism that still has an effect on the present.

Left to right: David Duke (Jim Crow), Charles Murray (race realist), Amy Chua (colour-blind), Barack Obama (Islamophobic), Clarence Thomas (internalized), Antonin Scalia (institutional). As far as I can tell, these are the seven main kinds of racism present in America: 1.

Jim Crow racism – common among White Americans over 65: the Klan, lynchings, the N-word, etc.

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