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When you decide not support these misdirected fools I will reconsider. On October 10,2017 my husband and I went to a mcdonalds on 35 Rutherford street Greenville,sc 29609 Greenville,sc. Other people we re in the restaurant but she did not say anything to them.

Until then I will make my purchases from a competitor who is more respective of our country’s symbol and values. When I get my disability check twe would go in there for breakfast. I feel that my civil rights were violated because I am African-American and my HUSBAND IS Causasian. I asked another manager why was I being harassed and he said that a lot of the homeless are bringing in bugs from their backpacks and that is why the owner does not want any in the restaurant.

First, I will no longer attend nor will I watch, on TV, any of the NFL games. Halfway through our meal Brittany the manager waited til I had to go to the restroom and came over and told my husband that we were not allowed to eat there anymore because we have packs.

Secondly, should you continue to support this behavior, I will no longer purchase your product. My husband told me that when I came back from the restroom that we are not eating there anymore because Brittany said we could not come in with our backpacks..

Mc Donald’s began in 1940 when Richard and Maurice Mc Donald opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California.

In 1948, they introduced the Speedee Service System which was the beginning of “fast food”.

These players should realize that this may be the only country that would allow a group of overbuilt, overpaid crybabies to express their opinion by disrespecting it’s flag and national anthem.

Not everyone has a smartphone and to these people this is totally unfair. 1 Reply I got a call from local Mc Donald’s on my case ref#:14260900. The lady was rude to me and basically told me it’s my fault that I was drinking Mc Donald’s sweet tea overloaded with sugar for years.The Mc Donald’s corporate office is located in Oak Brook, Illinois.Tagged as: mcdonalds corporate, mcdonalds corporate address, mcdonalds corporate email, mcdonalds corporate office, mcdonalds corporate office phone number, Mc Donalds customer complaint desk, Mc Donalds customer complaints, mcdonalds headquarters, mcdonalds main office Corporate Mc Donalds needs to step in and get the Byron Illinois store up and running properly.Addiction is a sickness that I am very upset that now my body cannot be satisfied with the lower level of sugar in sweet tea that you changed recently. I am expecting a better customer service from Mc Donald’s rather than “sorry it’s all your fault and choice”/ My problem is not just with local store but with the whole chain of Mc Donald’s where customers like me got blind cheated into sugar addiction.I think that corporate has to take responsibility of that! ) on the amount of sugar in a single serving for sweet tea (large is the size that I normally order) Reply I am writing today because I believe you cannot fix a problem you don’t know about.

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