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I try the url from an internet navigator (IE and Firefox) but 403 too.After many other tries, I do an other test with "file:" instead of "I mean , I can't submit my files and download any file from the url,and all these thing will be done if I reboot my computer (it works just in the first ten minutes since I reboot computer,later,it don't work again). all above is about svn plugin in eclipse,developer about android.. If you are on OSX, you can use Mac Ports to install subversion command line client.If you are on Linux, you can use your package manager to install it.I install subclipse 0.9.108 to access the repository.I create a new repository location and type the URL : " .

The complete source code of Liferay CE is available via Liferay's SVN.Q: Ok, but if I want to use Subclipse with svnserve using svn: over the Internet, I certainly have to configure Subversion to use port 80 or 443 I guess (other ports will be blocked by some firewalls on the other side). A: In general, firewalls block incomming request and not outcomming ones. Right click and choose New | Repository Location... Note that in Windows explorer, you won't be able to find the repository easily in Tortoise unless you change into the repo directory itself. Expand the repository, and the trunk, right-click and then add your base directory for your project (in my case c:\roger_big\ql14, which contained code, html files, access databases). |X| - - - or link a dos Admin-Icon on your desktop and give it those properties.So if you want to use svn protocol instead of http over the internet, you just need to configure your server firewall to accepte incomming requests on the svn default port (3690). - in this dos Admin window start as described by your posting.Here is a detailed list of what I do : * in * uncomment the line : Load Module dav_module modules/mod_* add the line Load Module dav_svn_module modules/mod_dav_* set the servername to my Computer Domain (i've try with localhost and localhost:80 too) * Add those lines after the commented "Location" lines : * with * svnadmin create c:\Subversion Repositories\rep1 that's works, i've all subversion files in my directory.Then I think I've initialized an empty repository and I can now access it.

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