Facebook app not updating status iphone

To set up a catalog, follow these steps: is a single item in your online store, such as a SKU.

You can have a single product feed represent all products in your catalog; or multiple product feeds with each feed represents a single country or division's products. After you create a product catalog, use Link to item image used in the ad.

See also: * Scheduled Feed Fetch Reference * Direct Upload Feed Reference * Product Feed Reference * Product Feeds in Catalog * Product Item Reference * Product Search in Catalog Upload very large catalogs with millions of products and quickly-changing inventory.Carousel format and Instagram uses a square 1:1 aspect ratio images (600x600px) while single product ad uses 1.91:1 aspect ratio image (1200x630px). Provide deep links in Product Feed following the App Links specification.Deep link information in Product Feed takes precedence over any information Facebook collects with App Links metadata with our web crawler.For CSV / TSV, copy the first row (column header row) and a few products; for XML, copy the XML with a few item / entry, paste the lines into the text area and validate.would result in a complete refresh operation on your feed - we delete products not present in the file, update existing ones, and create new ones.

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