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The history of this last reserve of GULAG is short. They were placed in the areas freed from the criminal prisoners of VS-389/35 (st. At different times and in different cells people were punished, both, the already mentioned members of the UHG like Oles Berdnyk, Ivan Kandyba, Vitaliy Kalynychenko, Vasyl Ovsiyenko, Yuri Lytvyn, Mykhaylo Horyn, Valeriy Marchenko, Ivan Sokulsky, Petro Ruban, Mykola Horbal, and its foreign members – Estonian man Mart Niklus and a Lithuanian – Viktoras Petkus, who joined the UHG in the most difficult hour – in 1982. The Head of the Group – Mykola Rudenko, Myroslav Marynovych, Mykola Matusevych were serving their sentences just next door. Never and nowhere have we gathered before in such quantities (although in different cells), only on solemn meetings on the occasion of the 20th, the 25th and the 30th Anniversary of the Group.

From March 1, 1980 to December 8, 1987 only 56 prisoners passed through it. Such Ukrainians as Ivan Hel, Vasyl Kurylo, Semen Skalych (Pokutnyk), Grygoriy Prykhodko, Mykola Yevgraphov have also been through punishment procedures inside these walls.

The Soviet Government was ashamed of certain terms, that’s why, for example, it called its opponents not political prisoners, but “public enemies”, “especially dangerous state criminals”, «wretched outcasts». Therefore the KGB has decided to destroy the information channels in a radical way: to move the most active political prisoners away from the center. During the day the prisoners were suffering in the hot “Stolypin” cars (that hot summer saw the burning of the forests and peat bogs). One 25-year old man, Grigoriy Nikityuk from Rivne region, has died in a car. Finally, shortly before the Moscow Olympiad, on the March 1, 1980, 32 prisoners of the special regime were transported to Kuchino from Sosnovka, Mordovia. The stage included the members of Ukrainian Helsinki Group, such as Levko Lukyanenko, Oleksa Tyhyi, Bogdan Rebryk, Danylo Shumuk.

During my life time in prison any «citizen convicted» had to address the guard as «citizen overseer». They chose the Scalnynske camp management, located in Perm region in the Middle Urals. On July 13, 1972, the first echelon with several hundreds of prisoners of Mordovia's strict regime top secretly arrived on Chusovska station (even the guards were dressed in tracksuits).. Many of them, when unloading, could not keep standing. For the new «special regime institution VS-389/36-1» was adapted a wooden building of the former sawmill, located a few hundred meters from the high security zone.

Actually, only Stus died directly in Kuchino, and the first three – in prison hospitals. The political camps were concentrated in the management of «Dubravlag», in Mordovia.

There weren't so many prisoners in camps, prisons, psychiatric hospitals and in exile in early 70s – Just a few thousands.

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Stus, along with other human rights activists, really undermined the Russian communist totalitarian regime, which was hypocritically called the Soviet Government. (There used to be a joke going around: there are three types of dissidents: pre-imprisoned, imprisoned and post-imprisoned. After the first detention Stus remained in Kyiv for only 8 months. But the people of Kyiv cautiously weren’t putting his name under the documents of the Group. Behind me was Ukraine, my oppressed people, in honor of which I must stand till I die”. 491.(It is weird to hear now from certain presumably serious people that Oksana Meshko “pulled” Stus in UHG and that she is to blame for his death. From the Urals he has managed to send only 6 poems in the letters to his wife.Most of these people were popular human rights activists and leaders of national liberation movements, and when they were released, they became politicians and public figures.Under the Soviet Government they were EDR – “especially dangerous recidivists”.This page is based on a Wikipedia article written by contributors (read/edit).Text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license; additional terms may apply.

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