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To this end, his Triple Changer abilities serve him well.Nothing pleases him more than confronting an Autobot in a dark corner and making him wonder if he's up against one Decepticon or two. Single-minded, you may say, but when most of your time is spent transporting troops around, you have to take your jollies where you can.Astrotrain used Jero, a corrupt High Priest who was as fanatical as he was ruthless, to further his ends.However, the Autobots Jazz and Perceptor arrived aboard Omega Supreme looking for Cosmos.On his way there, Astrotrain found Chumley using a robotic scorpion to fight Optimus Prime, and proposed Megatron's deal.Chumley responded by flinging the Decepticon away, hanging him up to the walls, and defusing his weapons.The attempt was interrupted by the arrival of Omega Supreme, Spike, Carly, and Optimus Prime.

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He also craves having power over a massive army of train drones. His activities prior to that point remain unclear, but he was first seen guarding human slaves in an energy mine following the Decepticon takeover of Central City.The rebellion gained Transformer aid of their own, though, and Seaspray and friends drove off the Decepticons and led the Tlalakans to freedom.However, the incident on Titan had given Astrotrain a taste of power, and he decided he liked it.Running into their leader, Elita One, Astrotrain and Ramjet grabbed her and took her prisoner.When Optimus Prime arrived to rescue Elita, she kicked Astrotrain in the face, forcing him to lose his grip.

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