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At the urging of Helen Chappel,propietress of the airport lunch counter and longtime friend to both brothers, Joe calls up Brian to invite him to the island.After Brian's arrival,the two open the package only to discover a key to a security deposit box. Legacy gs: Torrie Hanson (Passenger) Brigitte Kempt (Woman) On Nantucket Island, Joe Hackett,owner and sole pilot of Sandpiper Air,receives a letter from the executor of his late father's will.The letter contains a package to be opened only in the prescence of his brother, Brian,who had run off with Joe's financee Carol six years ago,and to whom Joe had not spoken to since.Inside is one last suitcase,and inside that suitcase...nothing but joke snakes and a picture of young Joe and Brian together.Their father's last wish was to have his estranged sons reunited,and that wish is granted as Brian excepts Joe's job offer to a pilot for Sandpiper.Return to Nantucket (2) gs: Kim Johnston Ulrich (Carol) At Brian's urging Carol returns to Nantucket with him, But Brian's happiness is soon destroyed when Joe reveals Carol made a pass at him.

The Puppetmaster gs: Craig Bierko (Matt Sargent) To break Helen's "No dating Pilot's Rule", Brian hires Matt Sargent to play Helen's dream date,a man perfect in every way except that he's a pilot.Expecting to a find a fortune,the two brothers head of to the bank.But they return with another key,this one to a lock in Boston.Despite the fog and Joe's advice to the contrary, Brian flies to Boston to meet her.Joe and Helen follow,to pick up the pieces when Carol doesn't show. b: 03-May-1990 pc: 006 w: Philip Lazebnik d: Noam Pitlik -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.

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