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And it seems that no matter what stage they are in their careers, the idols are always working as much as possible, no doubt due to the relatively short shelf life of an entertainer.It seems natural then, that some media have referred to the K-Pop management houses as “idol factories”, a metaphor that suggests that the system is labor intensive and follows a formula for success.As an example, the immensely popular boy group EXO has been performing nonstop since their debut in 2012.For them, it is understandably important that must work as hard as possible and perform as much as possible in order to perpetuate and heighten their success in the years following their debut.

Along with this, it was disclosed that because of SM Entertainment’s refusal to give him a day off in over two years, he had developed gastritis and kidney disease.Well, look no further because we’ve picked the 25 best dating apps for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender singles.Click the links below to jump to the section that best meets your needs!Companies like SM train 20-30 trainees at a time, and each trainee can rack up to 0,000 in costs per year.Given that the average trainee trains for 3-7 years before being able to debut, that amount of money invested adds up and must be made back, (SPIN 2012).

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