Fossil dating lab

A set of criteria for acceptable dates is proposed.

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Since 1977 TL sediment dates have been published by six additional groups using a variety of methods.

Until now, the West has been heavily dependent for its supplies of oil and gas on an unstable Middle East and an unreliable Russia. There is more to international politics than oil and gas.

Crucially, all that has changed because gas and oil-bearing shale is scattered throughout the world — including in Britain. But what it does mean is that we are — or very soon will be — no longer in any way dependent on either region, and that the political leaders of both have lost their biggest source of global influence.

Shelkoplyas, and for over a decade their TL dates, obtained from a variety of sediments, have appeared in the Soviet literature.

We conclude that while TL dating has the potential to solve many sedimentary problems, more fundamental research needs to be carried out before such dates should be accepted.

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