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Authorities believed that shooting, on Oregon Avenue about noon on Nov.

3, 2000, was in retaliation for an ambush a year earlier in which Mondevergine was nearly killed.

Mondevergine, 55, was "taken into custody without incident" in the Turnersville section of Washington Township, according to the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office, which issued the warrant for his arrest.

The District Attorney's Office has charged Mondevergine with shooting and stabbing Timothy "Casual" Flood in January 2008.

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30, 2008, except to say that it "stemmed from a personal dispute within the club." A source familiar with the case said authorities believed Flood was trying to block Mondevergine's effort to reestablish himself with the motorcycle gang.

Mondevergine, who is expected to waive extradition and be returned to Philadelphia on Friday, could face an additional charge for possessing a weapon as a convicted felon.

That federal offense carries a mandatory five-year sentence.

In detailing those charges, federal authorities alleged that Mondevergine was part of a Pagans organization that engaged in drug dealing and loan-sharking.

A dispute between the Pagans and the 10th and Oregon gang over those activities led to the shooting of Mondevergine in 1999 and his retaliation in 2000, authorities said.

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