Submissive women dating

I would like to know if there are any guys left that like submissive women????

I am not talking about just being sexually submissive, but in everyday things too.

All too often people get this confused and you get the azzholes out there who use this as a way to mistreat their partner and get them to believe that it is all part of being submissive to them.

And the uneducated sub then believes the abuse and mistreatment are what it is all about because that is what their partners/society tends to potray it as. The sub controls how far they are willing to go and always has that safe word that the dom will know that mean STOP NOW, respects that and does as such.

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As far as I am concerned, I actually prefer a woman to be a partner, and half of the team.

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They never existed in my world in the first place...

Please notice I did not use any gender in these descriptions because these can be interchangeable with MF relationships, it also applies to same gender relationships as well."My preferance is to be with a confident woman who has no problem holding her own in the workplace, bedroom, or life in general."it is a myth that submissive women are not confident.

Try to consider what it takes to consciously give authority of yourself to another person with the full trust that they have your safety and best interest at heart. Having a submissive woman at one's side, allows a Man t0 be himself; comfortable, confident and at ease.

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