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His first store, however, which was located in South Miami, ended up being shut down by the cops, but he later found a more suitable vacant space in the Grove, and this time he played by their rules, obtaining a business license and making sure he didn’t give the civic authorities anything to worry about.

He became so successful running this head shop that he soon moved into concert promotion.

During the early sixties, he’d gone to college, briefly, a few times, including at least a semester or two at the University of Tampa, Florida, and it was during that time that the native New Yorker first visited a bohemian enclave of Miami, called Coconut Grove, that he got the idea to open up his own head shop.

And that’s just what he did, moving there with his girlfriend in the fall of 1966.

Inspired by the success of the Monterey Pop Festival in California, he promoted his own concert experience, the Miami Pop Festival, which was held at Gulfstream Racetrack in Hallandale, Florida in 1967, and headlined by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

But mostly, things were changing inside head shops, all over the country, were there were all kinds of new laws and ordinances that were specifically passed by angry communities and then strictly enforced by the cops in order to make sure that the smoking accessories weren’t being purchased by kids under the age of 18.

These geomagnetic variations can generally provide chronological precision to within a few ka (or better).

Paleomagnetism is therefore a key Quaternary dating technique.

That’s how I entered Swinger’s Psych Shop, like it was a church or some kind of holy place. The front door of Swinger’s, as I recall, had a little rope with bells on it, which you couldn’t always hear ringing off if they were blasting music in the store, which was pretty much what they did, non-stop.

Some cities made the head shops put these items in a completely separate room, and almost always the bongs and pipes and papers were locked up in glass cases.

You might have to show an ID to prove how old you were too.

(You can read much more about this in Joshua Clark Davis’s paper, or buy his book when it comes out).

Some of the stores started de-emphasizing the radical counter-cultural aspects of their inventory, and eventually bowed under the pressure of local uptight citizen brigades (sometimes they weren’t much more than a lot of little old blue-haired church-going ladies with pinched faces) to clean up their act.

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