Austria dating culture

I hope this helps you to get some stimuli to think about Austria and its people. is a student in Austria, married to an Austrian and originally from Eastern Europe.Upon meeting her husband, she has studied German and by now, she has lived in Austria for several years.It is hard to find an Austrian who has never ski.- People have trust and values.French have a lot to learn about that…- If you marry an Austrian you will also be eligible for the Austrian nationality and with that will not need any visa to travel in Europe.Do not be afraid if the people are not coming spontaneously to chat with you as american do.- Austria is also like a lot of places in the world, you have the people you traveled a bit and are open minded and the rest which spend all their lifes in small town and have a Media filter on their eyes.As a result you see the sad result of the election… In conclusion in my opinion: Austria is a beautiful country, I think it a good place to start a family.I suggest you to learn some german before going there.But honestly if you love someone: his nationality / color / birthname is not important because if you feel good and happy around him, it will be the same anywhere you go with him no?

Then again, as promiscuous as every here seems to be these days, who knows?As a foreigner who has lived in Austria here are some Tipps.- If you plan to live in Austria I suggest you to start to learn German.Most of austrian speaks english but meet a person in his mother tongue is always better and more genuine in my opinion.It is a luxuous that many non European are fogetting…- If you give birth in Austria they have one of the best maternity leave that I know :)- The Austrian University Vienna and Graz are cool from what I know of.It depends on your major or the type of city you prefer to live in.

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