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Bilson was born to an Ashkenazi Jewish American father (writer/director/producer Danny Bilson) and an Italian American mother.

Her father comes from a showbusiness family, as her great-grandfather, George Bilson, was the head of the trailer department at RKO Pictures, while her great-grandmother, Hattie, was a screenwriter and her grandfather, Bruce Bilson, is a film director.

The situations are interesting because the characters are real.

Tony' Goldwyn's direction is sure-handed and the eclectic soundtrack will get many movie-goers surfing I-Tunes.

As a result, Bilson has a scar above her right eye, and sometimes suffers from Migraines and memory loss; she has stated that the experience encouraged her to "stop... Bilson graduated from Walter Reed Middle School in 1996 and from Notre Dame High School in 1999.

At the same time, Michael's friends, Chris (Casey Affleck) and Kenny (Eric Christian Olsen), are going through relationship problems of their own. His performance style works best when he responds to the actions of others.

This is fine for someone in a supporting role, but typically not great for a lead.

Meanwhile, Jenna's parents are going through their own crisis.

Anna (Blythe Danner), fed up by the apparent indifference of her husband, Stephen (Tom Wilkinson), confesses an affair and moves out.

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